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Introducing Hotel Belleclaire’s Newly Renovated Lobby; The Roaring 20’s of Today

Strolling along the corner of Broadway and West 77th, Hotel Belleclaire invites you to bask in its newly designed lobby!

Lobby Interior Full View

Lobby Interior Facing Exit- 1

As our returning guests would exclaim, “it’s breathtaking!”  A pristine lobby sets at your feet pulling you towards the historical ambience of the hotel. It is a place where Mark Twain and Babe Ruth frequently stayed; a timekeeper of timeless elegance.  Walking towards the center of the lobby, with the completely restored 1903 mosaic tiles set beneath your feet, you cannot help but notice the unique 40 foot skylight – the greatest showstopper of all. It is framed in intricate, ornate crown molding, allowing the natural sunlight to beam across the lobby, reliving its impression of a golden era.  Tastefully selected furnishings decorate and await you throughout the expansive space.

Emery Roth Showcase- Emery Roth

Lobby Emery Roth Showcase- Detail

We are pleased to partner with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf at our newly opened bar, serving our guests hot beverages and delicious breakfast snacks. A Tavern license is soon to be acquired and a full service bar is set to open by Fall 2013. Nearby, an Emery Roth showcase dedicated to our distinguished architect, Emery Roth, displays mementos from the 20’s era.

Lobby- 2

We have made additional upgrades to our public spaces, including the on-site 24 hour refreshed fitness center and media lounge; featuring arcade gaming stations and 27 inch Mac computers; with a friendly fish beside to tickle one’s imagination. The Belleclaire continues its journey of progression and a major project is underway – but what could this new feature be, might you ask (insert: drum roll) – a Hudson River view garden rooftop restaurant; the perfect future oasis on the UWS.

Fitness Center Cybex - 2

Media Lounge

For a truly memorable experience, we invite you to stay at Hotel Belleclaire, located in New York City’s desirable Upper West Side neighborhood.

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Hotel Belleclaire: Timeless Elegance

On our last lobby redesign blog post, we shared the latest discoveries; a 40 foot skylight, 18 foot high ceilings, hand-laid mosaic tile, and intricate wood details—all dating back over 100 years.

There is so much history that once contributed to the Hotel Belleclaire’s reputation as the “flashiest hotel in New York City”.  What originally began as a lobby redesign has emerged into a restoration and enhancement project.  After extensive research on Emery Roth’s original design elements; we have decided that the traditional details will be refashioned using historical references and modern techniques.

In 1903, the entrance to our hotel was first positioned on Broadway and the lobby consisted of several formal dining rooms, a Flemish café, and a Palm Garden.  Today, guests enter through our 77th Street entrance, which was originally the Palm Garden area—set beneath the skylight.  Although the entrance will remain on 77th Street; the 40 foot skylight is prominent in the design and will allow for natural lighting, just as it did in 1903. The ornately carved wooden doors inside the lobby (remaining true to its 1903 location) will help recreate the historic and elegant ambience of the Hotel Belleclaire.  The mosaic-tiled floor will be completely restored, and carefully selected furnishings will decorate the expansive space. 

It was among the first hotels to offer in-room telephone service—a luxury in 1903, to present-day complimentary high speed wireless—Hotel Belleclaire continues to set higher standards for comfort, convenience, and style.  The legend and the legacy remain, as the treasured New York City keepsake is redesigned for the twenty first century.   

Espresso wood panels

New Lobby Design August 2012

Expansive skylight

Expansive Space Set Beneath a Skylight

Fully restored mosaic tile

Fully Restored Mosaic Tile

Lavish Seating

Lavish Seating Throughout the Lobby

Custom Lighting to Enhance the 40 foot Skylight

Bar and Lounge Seating

Rich Espresso Fabric

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Lounging Around + Goodies for Guests!

We are delighted to have you with us during our enhancement project; a momentous occasion in the history of the Hotel Belleclaire.  The lobby enhancement began on January 30, 2012, and will encompass 15 weeks.  During your stay, we invite you to our guest lounge—room 116, to enjoy complimentary: 

  • Refreshments:  coffee, tea, bottled water
  • Snacks:  granola bars, cookies, crackers
  • Daily Newspapers (Monday-Friday):  New York Post, USA Today
  • Flyte Pass:  verify your flight status and print boarding pass
  • Computer Access:  internet, print, copy, fax

In sharing this experience as our guest during our lobby redesign, you are as much a part of our history, as you are part of our future.

We thank you for staying at the Hotel Belleclaire

Memories that will last a lifetime.

Comfortable seating, two flat screen HDTV's, Ipod docking stations, and more!

Comfortable seating, two flat screen HDTV's, Ipod docking stations, and more!

Guests are welcomed through the main entrance- redesign is behind the scenes.

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Hidden Treasures Discovered at the Hotel Belleclaire!

If these walls could talk they would reveal tales of times forgotten, sacred secrets, and legends of many who passed through these doors.  A time of speak-easies and flappers—laughter, love, and legacy abound…

Since we began the lobby enhancement project, we have we uncovered high ceilings (over 17 feet) framed in intricate, ornate crown molding, mosaic-tiled floors, and original-wood doors dating back nearly 110 years; travelers far and wide were welcomed to bask in the open spaces of this historic hotel.

To our surprise, we have discovered a skylight in our lobby.  These revelations have only increased our desire to preserve the historic charm of the Hotel Belleclaire.  Now, midway into the redesign; we cannot help but wonder—what other treasures are hidden behind these walls?

Lobby Project- Set of doors 1903

Lobby Project- Set of doors 1903

lobby Project- Single door 1903

lobby Project- Single door 1903

Lobby Project- Mosaic Tile, over 100 years old!

Lobby Project- Skylight Discovered Above Wood Panels

Lobby Project- Skylight Discovered Above Wood Panels

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New Year’s Resolution #1: Lobby Redesign for Hotel Belleclaire!

In keeping with our New Year’s Resolution, the Hotel Belleclaire will begin a lobby redesign by the end of January 2012.   We have just received the color prints, and we’re sharing them with our guests (images below).  


Hungarian-born architect Emery Roth built the exquisite Hotel Belleclaire in1901-03.  The innovative steel-skeleton frame and expert masonry consisting of brick, terracotta, and limestone was praised among architects and travelers alike.  In designing the Belleclaire, Roth combined Beaux Arts principles with Art Nouveau-Secessionist style that is regarded today as a “fascinating stylistic anomaly” worthy of landmark status.


The historic building brims with an enchanting history; musicians, artists, and celebrities such as Mark Twain (writer), Maxim Gorky (Russian Novelist), and Babe Ruth (baseball legend) frequented the Hotel Belleclaire. The landmark additionally made backdrop appearances on the silver-screen, for movies filmed on the Upper West Side.

The turn-of-the-century hotel has undergone renovations in previous years, and now as we begin 2012—we will achieve yet another milestone; the redesign of the hotel lobby and public space.  The original architectural details dating back over 100 years will be accentuated with modern furnishings, and rich wood paneling throughout the guest reception, and newly-introduced lounge seating areas. 


A carefully selected color palette emulates the sophistication of Emery Roth’s designs; rich earth tones complimented by white stone tiling.  As you seamlessly flow through the inviting lobby, seek out a beautifully crafted chaise lounge, and let your eyes explore the intimate space; comfortable seating wrapped in luxurious fabrics, refined wood paneling, and a refreshing service bar, positioned beneath a French-inspired chandelier with wrought iron detail—exuding an era of romance and old world charm.


Noted designer Silvia Zofio of SZ Projects  envisioned the hotel space through an architectural lens, and added just the right amount of urban extravagance; the enchanting history is captured in every textile, furnishing, and light fixture.   Hotel Belleclaire will continue to be recognized as one of Roth’s most distinguished buildings in New York City.

In sharing this experience as our guest during our lobby enhancement, you are as much a part of our history, as you are part of our future.

We thank you for staying at the Hotel Belleclaire

Memories that will last a lifetime




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